Latest NewsA Bangladeshi Girl Swims To India To Marry Her Boyfriend

A Bangladeshi Girl Swims To India To Marry Her Boyfriend

It is said that in love a person crosses huge oceans and rivers and heads to mountains, a woman from Bangladesh proved this to be true.

According to Indian news agency India Today, Krishna Mandal, a 22-year-old woman from Bangladesh, crossed the river and reached the Indian state of West Bengal after swimming for an hour to meet her lover and get married.

The love story began with the social networking site Facebook where Krishna Mandal and Abhik Mandal first met and then fell in love despite being from different countries.

Krishna was anxious to meet her lover but she did not have a passport to visit India legally so she decided to take this arduous journey and cross the river illegally to the neighboring country and arrived in India.

The first obstacle in Krishna’s way of meeting his love is the forests of Sunderbans which is home of Bengal tigers and other wild animals.

She decided to cross the forest and after swimming for an hour, she crossed the Malta River and reached West Bengal.

After this Krishna finally met Abhik in Kekhali village of Parganas district of West Bengal and later the two went to Kolkata and got married.

News soon started circulating on social media and Krishna was arrested on Monday for entering India illegally and will soon be handed over to the Bangladesh High Commission.

This is not the first time that a Bangladeshi citizen has tried to enter India illegally to fulfill her wish.

Earlier in April this year, a 13-year-old Bangladeshi boy, Imran Hussain, had crossed the Shailda River to buy a chocolate, but was caught and jailed by Indian security forces.

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