PoliticsAamir Liaquat’s Family Moved SHC to Stop Postmortem Orders

Aamir Liaquat’s Family Moved SHC to Stop Postmortem Orders

KARACHI: The petition was filed by Aamir Liaquat’s son and daughter requesting the court to stop the exhumation and postmortem which would be accompanied on June 23.

The family of Hussain acquiesced a plea in contradiction of the order.

To exhume the host to determine the cause of his death nearly 2 weeks after his burial.

The appeal submitted by the son and daughter of Aamir.

Who promised with the court to obstruct the judicial court orders in regard to the autopsy.

The court decided the request for an instant hearing of the petition and the hearing conducted today.

Previously, the Sindh Health Department issued a statement for exhumation of televangelist Aamir Liaquat on Thursday, June 23.

Well-known host died on June 9 and buried at the shrine of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi the next day.

The development came after a court ordered the:

Autopsy of Liaquat although hearing an appeal requesting the exhumation of the famous host as he died a mysterious death at his residence.

Remarkably, the host buried the next day of his death without an autopsy.

As the family members were not eager to the procedure saying that it could hurt their father’s soul.

The heirs requested the court to obstruct the postmortem.

On which the court ordered a police surgeon to scrutinize the body.

And on the basis of the presented report court publicized the verdict in favour of Liaquat’s family.

But the court sustained that if the death is suspicious.

There is a fear that a crime might committed, then the law will have to take its course.

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