EntertainmentActor Tanveer Jamal has passed away in Japan

Actor Tanveer Jamal has passed away in Japan

Leading Pakistani television actor, director and producer Tanveer Jamal has died in Japan.

Actor Tanveer Jamal was suffering from cancer and was undergoing treatment in a hospital in Japan.

During the treatment, he passed away. Tanveer Jamal was diagnosed with cancer for the first time 6 years ago in 2016 but underwent immediate surgery.

The cancer was later removed from his body. However, five years later, in the year 2021, he was diagnosed with cancer again and this time the disease spread more rapidly in his body, once again treatment was started but the cancer was not under the control of the doctors and it kept weakening his body.

Actor Tanveer Jamal dies in Japan eventually in Japan, his close friend Ashraf Chahal advised him to come to Japan for further treatment.

Tanveer Jamal arrived in Japan on May 25 this year and stayed with Rakim for a week.

On this occasion Tanveer Jamal spoke many heartfelt words, gave many advise regarding life and also made many wills but he wanted to live, he wanted to spend the rest of his life in Japan, he visited the beautiful places of Japan.

Tanveer Jamal was fond of Japanese food, his wife loved children immensely but life also gave him a lot of emotional trauma which he also mentioned in detail. He was very troubled man because of relationships. But he was a man with a big heart.

He was determined to endure all the suffering alone. He was accustomed to sharing joys only. He kept sorrows only for himself. He was not ready to be oppressed in front of the world. He was kind hearted human being. He used to fulfill the needs of his children even when they were young.

It should be noted that Tanveer Jamal has been prominent in Pakistan for the last 35 years through his brilliant acting.

Tanveer Jamal has also been awarded the Best Actor Award by PTV for his best performance.

He made his name by directing and producing the first action-packed mega drama serial ‘Godfather’ in a private production while this drama serial was recorded in Pakistan and Japan.

Tanveer Jamal also showed the essence of best acting in dozens of well-known drama serials, while ‘Ab Pampers nahi ayain ge’ and directed and produced the soon-to-be-released film ‘Japan Connection’.

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