EntertainmentActress Meera is ready to marry Salman Khan

Actress Meera is ready to marry Salman Khan

Famous actress Meera, who is always in news because of her marriage and relationship, has said that if Salman Khan offers her marriage, she will not be able to stop him.

The actress has always been the subject of controversy regarding her marriage.

A case of her denial of marriage is also pending in the local court of Lahore, in which a man named Atiq-ur-Rehman has filed a claim to be her husband.

Her case of denial of marriage has been going on for the last one decade and it has been heard dozens of times.

At the same time, Meera has been accused of marrying over and over again, but the actress has always denied all such allegations.

Recently, on the occasion of Eid, Meera participated in TV One’s ‘The Delicious Show’, where she talked openly about her career, including marriage.

She said that she started acting at an early age and worked as a child artist.

In response to a question, Meera said that if she got a chance, she would definitely marry actor Rambo.

Talking about marriage, she said that she is not married yet.

She said she would marry a man who belonged to the Syed family, believed in Maula Ali.

According to her, marriage is a very sensitive issue, no one should make fun of it.

In response to a question about her age in the program, the actress said that there is misinformation available about her on social media including Google and Wikipedia, which needs to be corrected.

Without revealing her age, the actress said that she is still young and the rumors about her age are wrong.

According to her, she is not only beautiful and young but she is also pure and chaste.

In response to a question, she said that Salman Khan is one of the biggest superstars in the world and if he offers her marriage, she will not be able to stop him and she will marry him.

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