BusinessAEDB Finalized the Policy Paper on Solar Panels

AEDB Finalized the Policy Paper on Solar Panels

ISLAMABAD: The Alternate Energy Development Board (AEDB) has finalized the policy paper on the solar panels and allied equipment manufacturing policy, quoting sources.

Full consultations made with the stakeholders over the policy document, rendering to sources. Those referred over the policy involved local solar manufacturers, provincial departments, consumers and other related bodies, sources said.

The policy arranged by the Renewable Energy Task Force headed by the prime minister.

It is stated that there is big gap of 7000 megawatts amid demand and supply of electricity in the energy thirsty country. Pakistan currently generates overall 22,000 megawatt electricity, though its power demand has soared to 29,000 megawatts and the gap results in power load shedding across and in every field of the country.

Permitting to the government vision, local manufacturing of solar panels and allied equipment will help to save valuable foreign currency apart of providing skilled jobs to engineers and technicians.

The Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) plans to install about 9.7GW of renewable energy power generation systems all over Pakistan by around 2030. The government’s resilient support and policy continuity could provide strong guarantee to business development in the field.

Minister of State for Petroleum Musadiq Malik had recently specified that the PM constituted a task force on solar energy initiatives with a vision to promote sustainable and green energy. The government is working on a comprehensive solar energy package comprising tax waivers and concessionary loans for consumers in a bid to incredulous the lengthy power outages, he specified.

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