SportsAfghan women football team performs first sport in Australia

Afghan women football team performs first sport in Australia

  • The game ends with a goalless tie after Afghanistan’s goals are not allowed due to offside in a minor division amateur game.
  • “The game showed that the Taliban couldn’t stop the player,” said team captain Nilab.
  • Team coach Jeff Hopkins praised the team’s performance against the amateur side of Melbourne.

MELBOURNE: Players from Afghanistan’s national women’s football group competed in a neighborhood association coordinate in Australia on Sunday for the primary time since escaping the Taliban.

The result was a scoreless draw after an Afghan objective was refused for being offside in a lower alliance beginner coordinate within the eastern state of Victoria.

The amusement appeared that the Taliban seem not halt the players, said group captain Nilab, who like her partners did not deliver a family title so as to secure relatives living in Afghanistan.

“We still continue our fight and our combat just to play for the Afghanistan people,” she stated AFP.

“We fled the country but we are still thinking of our country and we are still working for our victory for our country.”

Australia made a difference handfuls of Afghan national women’s group players and their relatives to elude when the Taliban cleared back to control eight months prior.

The Taliban have since seriously reduced the opportunities of ladies, forbidding girls’ instruction and anticipating ladies from indeed boarding planes without a male relative.

As players fled to diverse nations, the women’s national group was divided.

‘Together and powerful’

But numerous settled in and around Melbourne, capital of the eastern state of Victoria, where proficient A-League Women’s side Melbourne Triumph made a difference them to return to the field.

Goalkeeper Fatima said individuals who had seen social media pictures of Afghanistan after the Taliban’s return may get it something of the strength required by players to take off their homes.

“They can understand how hard and how challenging that was for all of us to be in that situation,” she said AFP.

“Today, we are playing as a team and together and powerful. It’s incredible.”

Group coach Jeff Hopkins lauded their execution against beginner Melbourne side Estimated time of arrival Buffalo SC — a club built up in 1982 by companions who had relocated from East Timor — within the Football Victoria State Association 4 West competition.

“These young women, all they want to do is to be given the chance to just be treated equally, to be able to play the game they love,” Hopkins expressed AFP.

“That obviously wasn’t happening for them in Afghanistan — they were being persecuted for it,” he said.

A couple of days ahead of Sunday’s coordinate, Melbourne Triumph displayed the Afghan Women’s Group with their modern overwhelmingly ruddy pack, total with shirts appearing off the Afghan national hail.

The shirts are checked with numbers but no names for the security of players’ families in Afghanistan.

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