EntertainmentAkshay Kumar sent Rs 25 lac support to Punjabi singer Glory Bawa

Akshay Kumar sent Rs 25 lac support to Punjabi singer Glory Bawa

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar once again proved himself as a real player by helping the well-known Punjabi singer Glory Bawa with 25 lakhs. Akshay Kumar as a brother has sent singer Glory Bawa Rs 25 lakh to deal with her financial crisis.

The actor responded positively to the appeal of Punjabi folk singer and daughter of Padma Bhushan Gurmeet Bawa, Glory Bawa, and provided financial support.

Yesterday, Glory Bawa mentioned her financial difficulties through a social networking website and appealed to the government for help.

Glory Bawa on receiving financial help from Akshay Kumar said what this help means to me, it cannot be described in words. He is a big brother, and this money will end many problems in my family.

She added that I wanted to get work, so I asked for help. People are reaching out to me, and I am hopeful that artists like us will get enough work soon.

Akshay Kumar refused to call the move for Glory Bawa a help and said it was something a brother did for his sister.

He said that through social media, I came to know, Gurmeet Bawaji, who was the glory of Punjabi, his family is facing financial difficulties, and I have expressed love to Glory Bawa’s daughter as my sister.

Akshay Kumar said this is not a help, being a Punjabi and an artist it was my duty.

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