SportsBabar Azam is 'Big One' Among Best Top order Batsmen, Simon Dole

Babar Azam is ‘Big One’ Among Best Top order Batsmen, Simon Dole

Former New Zealand cricketer and commentator Simon Dole has said that Pakistan captain Babar Azam is currently the best top order batsman and Big One.

Commenting on the third Test between New Zealand and England, Simon Dole said that Babar Azam is currently the best batsman in the world when it comes to the best batsmen of the current era.

The ICC said in a tweet on June 16 that Babar Azam topped the batting rankings for ODIs and T20 Internationals.

He was also named in the ICC’s 2021 Team of the Year for ODIs and T20 Internationals.

It should be noted that the captain of the national team Babar Azam was declared the best player of the ICC for the month of March.

In the second Test match against Australia, Babar Azam scored a total of 390 runs in the Test series along with a critical innings of 196 runs.

Speaking to reporters in Lahore after the match, Australian batsman Marinus Labushin praised Babar Azam’s batting and said, “I enjoyed every minute of his innings, but it is unfortunate that this innings is against us.”

He said that it was a very good innings, I will try to improve my game by watching Babar Azam.

The Media report on April 6 said that in the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) best ODI rating points so far, national team captain Babar Azam has surpassed the great Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar.

The number of rating points of Babar Azam has risen to 891, with these rating points Babar Azam has left behind both the great batsman Sachin Tendulkar and Australian legend Michael Bevan.

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Sachin Tendulkar had the highest number of rating points in his career at 887 while Beyonc 88 had 885 points.

The highest rating points in the history of ODI cricket are held by the great West Indian batsman Vivian Richards who scored 935 points.

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