SportsBabar Azam Revealed His Plans During The Break From International Cricket

Babar Azam Revealed His Plans During The Break From International Cricket

Lahore: Babar Azam’s tour of Australia as a batsman and captain was a difficult one for Pakistan but he ended the series after a long time by winning many records and ODI series.

After winning the ODI series 20 years later, Babar Azam remained a difficult batsman for the Australian bowlers throughout the series.

Addressing an online press conference, Babar Azam, who was also named ODI Player of the Year, said he would spend time with his family and return to the game after Ramadan.

Asked about Team Australia’s reaction to the tour, the all-format captain said that whenever he asked the visiting team about the tour, they were all satisfied and loved playing cricket in Pakistan.

“Every time I talked to Australian players, they said they were enjoying cricket in Pakistan,” Babar said.

Talking about the series, Babar said that this series is the best opportunity for Pakistan to try a good combination before the World Cup. “We have good players in the middle order who will be given a chance,” he added.

It is noteworthy that this was the first full tour of Australia in 24 years.

Pakistan won the ODI series 2-1 and Australia won the Test League 1-0 with the alone Twenty20 International.

Talking about the T20I match, Babar said that the team should have kept pace and taken advantage of all the opportunities on the field after setting up a tie below par.

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