EntertainmentCase Registered Against Tik-Tokers For Allegedly Setting Forest on Fire

Case Registered Against Tik-Tokers For Allegedly Setting Forest on Fire

A case has been registered against the Tik-Tokers in Islamabad for allegedly setting fire to a forest.

Case No. 402 was registered against the accused in Kohsaar police station.

The case was registered against female Tik-Toker and her accomplices.

The FIR includes provisions of Landscape Act, Forest Act, Wildlife Act and Environmental Protection Act.

Case Registered Against Tik-Tokers For Allegedly Setting Fire to Forest
Tik-Tokers set forest on fire

The FIR was registered under the Landscape Act, 1966, the Forest Act, 1927, while the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act, 1997 are also included and the FIR also includes sections 425 and 188 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

According to the text of the lawsuit, the site of the fire is in the National Park area. Plants, grasses and birds have been severely damaged in the past.

It may be recalled that a video of two youths setting fire in Margalla forest came to light yesterday.

In the video, Tik-Toker is seen setting fire with a lighter, while in the other video, a woman is also seen making Tik-Tok video during the fire on Margalla Hills.

In addition, a spokesman of the popular short video sharing platform Tik-Tok said; content that promotes dangerous or illegal behavior violates our Community Guidelines, and there is no place for such content on our platform.

According to the spokesman, content promoting dangerous and illegal activities is removed and efforts are being made to limit or label such content.

It is to be noted that a fire broke out in Margalla Hills on Sunday evening which lasted for several hours.

According to CDA Environment Department, fire broke out in Saeedpur Range Forest No. 19 and Botanical Garden.

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