PoliticsChairman PTI's Virtual Address to Overseas Pakistanis

Chairman PTI’s Virtual Address to Overseas Pakistanis

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that corrupt politicians have not been punished under a scheme, they have been stealing for 30 years. 90% of the corruption cases against them are before us.

He said in a virtual address to the Overseas Pakistanis that first of all I would like to pay tribute to the Overseas Pakistanis.

You all protested against the conspiracy, a decision was made that America is not accustomed to make independent decisions in Pakistan, I have never been anti-America or anti-Europe, the nation can have good and bad policy, I have good relations with Donald Trump, America is accustomed to salute here when the order was given, I opposed the war of America for 15 years, one of our leaders Musharraf joined Pakistan in the war of America on a threat, my overseas Pakistanis Shaukat Khanum would not have become a hospital if you had not helped.

Pakistan had nothing to do with 9/11, but Musharraf joined the war on a threat. The whole jihad against the Soviet Union was fought in the tribal areas.

We told them that fighting against the Soviet Union was jihad. Now we were calling them terrorists. They were not robots. The first jihadists were now calling them terrorists.

He said that Pakistan had the highest number of soldiers killed and 80,000 killed compared to NATO allies.

He said that the priority of our government was that our foreign policy should be for our Pakistanis and not to sacrifice our country for anyone else.

Yes, China is our neighbor. It is an emerging power. It is in our interest to have good relations. There has been a problem on this side as well. The problem of gas would be solved and wheat had to be imported, oil was getting at 30% lower rate.

India is getting cheap oil from Russia. Similarly, when it comes to bases, when the United States vacated Afghanistan, it wanted to have bases so that if there is any terrorism in Afghanistan, we can control it from here, but it is impossible for us.

It was accepted, because we have already killed 80,000 people.

No one praised it, but accused Pakistan of not succeeding in Afghanistan because of Pakistan.

Now they would tell us again, give me a base, I didn’t even believe you, then this conspiracy was hatched from there, from here Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq became part of it, I found out in July that something was going on.

As his meetings at the US embassy escalated, so did our meetings with some of the deviant people. US diplomat Lou threatened our ambassador that if Imran Khan was removed due to mistrust then Pakistan would be forgiven.

Would have been made the Prime Minister, now the corrupt family has been imposed, who have been punished. Will anyone be allowed to contest elections in Europe. What are their priorities in their own countries while corrupt people have been imposed in our country.

The ambassador himself admitted how the threat was made, now it is clear that everything is right, there is no news on the media because their media also runs with the state.

But overseas Pakistanis, please raise your voice on social media. We will not accept this government, I am holding a meeting, I will call on May 20, I have never seen so much awareness in the people in 26 years, I have never seen so much unity, the whole nation is united on one thing that slavery and imported government disapproved.

He was so shameless that if voices were heard against him in Masjid-e-Nabawi, then cut off FIRs against us while we were praying on the occasion of Shab-e-Qadr.

Made a case against Sheikh Rashid’s nephew, slogans will be chanted against him all over the world.

We will protest peacefully, let the nation, traitors and institutions know where the nation stands.

My whole life experience is that our aristocracy is also corrupt and slave, we are never anti-America, we want to be friends not slavery.

When the earthquake hit, the whole nation was united, cherry blossoms are imposed on us. There are priests of money. A son lives in a house of nine billion dollars. Tell me, there are four big palaces named after Maryam Nawaz. Where did the money come from? Could not tell People sitting outside can never stand. They will never take a stand for the country.

The message I give is to protest in the same way, to help on our account website namanzoor.com because we have to run a full campaign.

Time will prove that there is a decisive moment in Pakistan, when the nation will be free from thieves and robbers.

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