Latest NewsChaudhry Abdur Rehman urges PM to delegate HEC chairman on merit

Chaudhry Abdur Rehman urges PM to delegate HEC chairman on merit

Affiliation of Private Division Colleges of Pakistan Chairman Chaudhry Abdur Rehman composed a letter to Prime Serve Shehbaz Sharif and requested to delegate Higher Instruction Commission (HEC) chairman on justify and in a straightforward way on Tuesday.

Chaudhary Abdur Rehman said that to name the HEC chairman on justify will be the proper decision to spare higher instruction within the nation.

He claimed that HEC particular approaches really harmed the private segment colleges within the past opposite to the commitments that have been given by the private segment colleges in advancement of higher education.

He said that HEC was set up to induce financing, checking, control and acknowledgment of higher education.

Besides, he claimed that HEC’s particular arrangements really harmed the private segment colleges within the past opposite to the commitments that have been given by the private division colleges within the advancement of higher education.

Talking on sake of the affiliation, Prof Rehman praised Shehbaz Sharif on getting to be the 23rd prime serve of Pakistan.

The letter says the private division is playing an imperative part within the higher instruction division of Pakistan. The APSUP is a chosen agent body of 92 private division colleges with 34 territorial campuses over Pakistan that select more than 40% of understudies within the higher instruction sector.

With more than 90 billion budget, the HEC plays a vital and driving part towards building an information based economy in Pakistan through quality confirmation, advancement of unused educate and elevate of existing teach in Pakistan.

Higher instruction in Pakistan, now-a-days is confronting a number of issues of extreme nature, which has harmed its picture and advance as this imperative segment endured a parcel amid final few a long time due to one-sided closed entryway arrangements by HEC administration which were rejected by the partners and indeed 178 out of 180 bad habit chancellors at the later bad habit chancellor’s assembly held at Bhurban. The private segment moreover endured a part due to unfair approaches and undermining the independence of the colleges ensured through particular Acts.

The letter advance notices that four a long time residency of current chairman HEC is aiming to lapse amid final week of next month i.e May 2022 and it is the correct time to protect higher instruction by naming the higher instruction administration particularly chairman HEC on justify through competitive handle, which is conceivable as it were on the off chance that the arrangement is free from political and outside mediation. A merit-based and straightforward component ought to be connected while filling the opportunities in higher instruction division particularly chairperson HEC and bad habit chancellors. Rather than granting expansions, which has as of now caused hopeless misfortune to higher instruction in Pakistan, there’s critical have to be make openings for energetic and prominent identities to lead the higher instruction division.

He said that HEC was built up to induce subsidizing, observing, direction and acknowledgment of higher education. Chaudhary Abdur Rehman requested the PM to constitute a Look Committee composed of the impartial worldwide educationist to look and prescribe the HEC chairman.

The affiliation chairman said that 178 out of 180 vice-chancellors of colleges rejected the HEC policies.

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