PoliticsChief Election Commissioner resign immediately: Imran Khan

Chief Election Commissioner resign immediately: Imran Khan

Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and former Prime Minister Imran Khan says that every tactic was used to defeat us, the Chief Election Commissioner should resign immediately, we have no confidence in him.

In his speech, Imran Khan said that those who make decisions in closed rooms should not be under any misconception, now the nation has woken up, those who stole our mandate will be defeated everywhere, there is only one way, clean and transparent elections.

Imran Khan said that the Chief Election Commissioner is not a neutral person, he does not believe him, once there is political stability in the country, then the country will go on the path of development, political stability in the country will not come without clean and transparent elections.

The former prime minister said that this election commission made all the decisions against us, the provincial election commissioner of Sindh is a servant of the Sindh government, this election commissioner used every tactic to defeat us, despite all the obstacles and the use of state machinery, we win Punjab election.

Imran Khan said that on April 9, he left the Prime Minister House holding only his diary, on May 25, the entire nation came out on the streets against the current rulers.

These rulers consider the nation goat & sheeps, not human beings.

They tried to stop the nation but still the nation has come out to vote in the election.

The PTI chairman said that the reason for the country’s economic deterioration is the political crisis.

If we don’t learn the lesson that until the political crisis is over, the economy will go down and economic conditions will get so bad that everything will get out of hand, the only way is to hold fair and transparent elections.

Like the election they have conducted in Punjab, if similar elections are to be held in the future, it will increase the crisis. The dishonesty committed by the Chief Election Commissioner is unprecedented.

Imran Khan said that the Chief Election Commissioner tried his best to defeat the PTI, we went to the Election Commission with 8 cases but they rejected our requests.

The PTI chairman said that today is a happy time for my country, when the consciousness comes to the nation and it wakes up, we cannot thank God more than that.

Imran Khan said that when an imported government was imposed on us under a foreign conspiracy, people said that they will not accept America’s slavery.

The PTI chairman said that when we become one nation, all our problems will be solved, existing Govt. tell people that they are ready to die for Pakistan, but their everything is outside the country.

The former prime minister said that an artificial political crisis was created for our government, the country went up economically in our last two years, large-scale manufacturing and agriculture developed enormously in our government, when the country was going in the right direction. They made a conspiracy against us, everything was going in a positive direction in our government.

Imran Khan said that when our government was being overthrown, I and Shaukat Tareen told that if a political crisis came, the economy would not be able to recover. Those who could have prevented the overthrow of the government were told that the country’s economy would suffer. . The PTI chairman said that they have come to power only to get their corruption cases forgiven. Imran Khan said that the way people came out yesterday is no less than a revolution, it is going to be a new Pakistan.

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