PoliticsCM Punjab Calls for Strict Laws & Ban Kite Flying

CM Punjab Calls for Strict Laws & Ban Kite Flying

Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shehbaz, taking notice of the death of a boy by a sharp kite string, has called for strict laws and ban kite flying in Punjab.

According to fine points, CM Hamza Shehbaz visited the grieving family of the boy who died from a sharp kite string and offered his sympathies.

Speaking to media legislative body during his visit he said that the government needs to make and implement strict laws against kite flying. People caught flying kites with sharp strings would be punished consequently, he added.

Talking about the rapid escalation in inflation Hamza Shehbaz said that they are doing their best to make available low-priced flour to people. People would in a little while be provided with relief, he added.

Many people have lost their lives due to sharp kite strings in Punjab in the recent past. Despite a ban on kite flying, the management has been incapable to cur the use of sharp strings to fly kites.

Previously on May 21, 18-year-old Muhammad Ahsan, commonly known as the ‘Golden Man of Islamabad’, had met with Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz Sharif at CM Office.

The ‘Golden Man of Islamabad’, who originally belongs to Karachi, met with Punjab chief minister at CM House here in Lahore. Muhammad Ahsan met with CM Hamza at the latter’s request.

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