BusinessCompanies Raise Motorbikes Prices Again

Companies Raise Motorbikes Prices Again

The motorbike assemblers in Pakistan containing Honda, Metro, United, and Road Prince have raised the prices of motorcycles subsequent a enormous hike in petrol prices, reported 24NewsHD TV channel on Tuesday.

Honda has amplified the prices of diverse models of motorcycles by Rs3,000 to Rs9,000.

The price of Honda 70cc has been increased by Rs3,600 and that of Honda 125cc by Rs5,000.

Road Prince and Metro have also increased the prices of their all models by Rs3,000.

United and Metro also increased the prices of all bikes to 3,000

Metro company has increased the prices of its 100cc and 200cc motorcycle loaders by Rs7,000 and Rs10,000 correspondingly.

The assemblers are of the opinion that the motorcycles’ prices had to be increased subsequent a massive hike in the prices of electricity, gas, and petroleum products.

Nowadays, the price of Honda CD70 will be at Rs106,500 after an increase of Rs3,600.

The price of Honda CD Dream will be at Rs113,500 after an increase of Rs4,000.

Honda Pridor will be available at Rs144,900 with an increase of Rs5,000.

CG125 Honda will be accessible at Rs168,500 after an increase of Rs5,000.

Honda CG125 Special will be obtainable at Rs198,500 after an increase of Rs5,000.

CB125F Honda will be presented at Rs253,900 with an increase of Rs9,000.

Honda CB150F will be offered at Rs308,900 with an increase of Rs9,000.

CB150F Honda Silver will be accessible at Rs312,900 with an increase of Rs9,000.

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