Latest NewsCOMSATS University: Immoral activities on premises

COMSATS University: Immoral activities on premises

ABBOTTABAD: The Comsats University’s teachers boycotted classes here on Thursday to protest the affirmed occupation of a workforce residential block by the campus director.

After the protest, the staff decided to remain the strike to stress an unbiased inquiry to fix responsibility for the incident that happened at the Foreign Faculty Residence, a multi-story guesthouse within COMSATS buildings having 12 flats with 24 rooms.

It was knowledgeable that this building was apparently in the possession of the Campus Director.

Who had been living there instead of the Director’s Residence since his joining the campus.

Faculty members and the university management officials told this correspondent that:

Director, Higher Education Commission Tahir Ali Shah had remained at the guest house for a few days beside with a woman whom he depicted as his wife.

Faculty members said they felt the advertising of an inappropriate environment at the campus.

Which was not tolerable to them as well as local residents.

They said girl students felt insecure in such an environment.

The faculty members assumed that the Proctorial Board of the campus was disbanded after it pointed out such incidents.

The staff asked for confirming an entirely protected environment not only for students but also for staff.

It may be pointed out that COMSATS Abbottabad Campus has no earlier history of strikes.

COMSATS University teachers go on strike in Abbottabad

But panic gripped the students, parents, as well as teachers who asked the government to stare into the matter and take appropriate action.

Cops were positioned at the university to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

When contacted, COMSATS University Abbottabad Campus Media Manager, Sardar Naseer Ahmed, stated:

The News that an investigation committee involving senior faculty members had been constituted.

The committee, he added:

Dr Chaudhry Arshad Mehmood, Dr Shakir Hafeez, Dr Nauman Khan Tareen, Syed Fida Hussain Shah, Muhammad Shaukat, Naeem Ahmed, Ehtisham Gul and Adam Zahoor.

He said a warning issued on May 17 by the Human Resource Department had asked the inquiry committee to investigate the incident.

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