EntertainmentConfirmation of Netflix's 'Squid Game' Sequel

Confirmation of Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ Sequel

Streaming website Netflix has confirmed that it will make a sequel to last year’s most popular web series, Squid Game.

Before Netflix, in December last year, Squad Game creator Huang Dong-hyuk announced that he would make two more seasons of his web series.

After the director and producer, Netflix management has now confirmed that a sequel to ‘Squid Game’ will be made.

Netflix confirmed in a tweet that the web series would be a sequel, as well as Huang Dong-hyuk’s statement in another tweet detailing the sequel.

In the second tweet, it was confirmed that new characters will also be introduced in the sequel while all the characters of the old series will also return.

Huang Dong-hyuk said in a statement that it took him 12 years to make the first season of Squid Game, but the series became the world’s most popular series in just 12 days.

He also hinted that characters who may have died in the first series would be shown back.

Although he and Netflix have confirmed the sequel, the release date for the second season has not been announced.

It is speculated that Squid Game 2 may be released by the end of next year or early 2024.

“Squid Game” was released on Netflix in September 2021, and its story revolves around playing children’s games by enticing people in debt to win $38 million.

In the series, people who want to play children’s games and get out of debt are shot dead in front of everyone after losing the game and it is because of this thrill that it became popular all over the world.

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