EntertainmentDeepika Padukone faced difficulties due to her South Indian accent

Deepika Padukone faced difficulties due to her South Indian accent

Bollywood ‘Dimple Girl’ Deepika Padukone has revealed that at the beginning of her career, she faced difficulties due to her South Indian accent and she feared that she would be rejected due to her speaking style.

Although Deepika Padukone was born in the European country of Denmark, her parents are from the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

Her parents are of Indo-Aryan descent and being from Bangalore, Deepika Padukone also has an influence on her speech.

Although South India itself is a huge film industry and Deepika Padukone started her acting career in the southern film industry, in 2006.

She performed in Bollywood film with Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Om Shanti Om’.

She recently gave an interview to fashion magazine Vogue, in which she expressed her fears that her Bollywood career would come to an end due to her South Indian accent.

According to Deepika Padukone, she doubted that because of her accent she would not be given importance and because of her South Indian accent her Bollywood career would not go ahead.

In response to a question, the actress also said that she has never faced gender discrimination in the film industry, nor has she ever compared men and women, nor has she given importance to this issue.

According to Deepika Padukone, her and her sister’s upbringing was never such that they were girls and they would have to fight for their rights and some of their belongings but then they struggled for everything and got it.

The actress also talked about the issue of casting people of different races and castes in Hollywood and said that the issue of casting people of different races and regions or giving them opportunities in Hollywood is still at an early stage.

According to her, casting any black or Asian person in a Hollywood movie or giving them a chance cannot be said to give importance to people of different races and classes.

Deepika Padukone said that according to her, the discussion in Hollywood about providing opportunities to people of different races and classes is still in its infancy and there is a lot to be done in this regard.

However, he acknowledged that some Hollywood personalities are serious about providing opportunities for people of different races, classes and faiths.

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