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Fakhar Zaman: ‘I want the dollar not to break my 210 runs record’

LAHORE: Pakistan’s left-handed opener Fakhar Zaman, made a hilarious declaration, conveying his hope that the dollar should not shatter his 210-run record against Zimbabwe.

Fakhar, who talked to the media on the sidelines of the current Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Conditioning Camp, had a laughable instant with the journalists as he stated his hope regarding the economic situation of the country.

“I want the dollar not to break my 210 runs record,” Fakhar responded humorously to a reporter’s question.

The left-handed opener also shared his goal of becoming the top run-scorer in the upcoming home ODI series against West Indies.

“I want to become the top run-scorer in the West Indies series,” Fakhar expressed.

Fakhar also opined on the Chairman PCB meeting with the players and designated the decision of increasing the monthly stipend of the players a good decision.

“It is a good thing that Ramiz [Raja] ensured an increase in the monthly stipends.

He was very supportive in the meeting,” he shared.

“Increase in the salaries will benefit our cricket,” he maintained.

The left-handed batter also commented on the players playing in the hot weather conditions and said that professional cricketers are ready to play in any situation.

“We are used to playing cricket in scorching weather. I, however, think that the bowlers might face some difficulty,” Fakhar concluded.

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