BlogFilm Review - Kamli is An Art Movie of Pakistani Cinema

Film Review – Kamli is An Art Movie of Pakistani Cinema

Kamli is An Art Movie of Pakistani Cinema. No movie is consider without hero-heroin typical chemistry, songs, romance, action, item number or comedy. In this recent era, the concept of film has completely changed.

Thanks to the Sarmad Khoosat who has replaced the concept of formula film with Kamli.

Sarmad Khoosat is a talented screen writer, actor, film/TV director and producer. He is best known for his super hit projects Humsafar and Shehr-e-Zaat.

He considers as one of the best South Asian filmmakers. His film Zindagi Tamasha selected as Best International Feature Film at the 93rd Academy Awards. The film also premiered at the 24th Busan International Film Festival under the category ‘A Window on Asian Cinema’.

He also portrayed the role of Saadat Hasan Manto in his remarkable film Manto.

Sarmad Khoosat is a son of Irfan Khoosat. Who is star of famous PTV drama series “Andhera Ujala”, well known TV/film actor, comedian and producer.

His sister Kanwal Khoosat is also a screenwriter, director and actress.

In late nineteen, Sarmad started his career as an actor from a PTV sitcom Shashlik. Directed by Jawad Bashir, which was ran over the period of 3 years.

His production Joyland, (directed by Saim Sadiq) premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this year. Film won the Jury Prize in the “Un Certain Regard” competition, a segment focusing on an innovative cinema talent

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We’re attributing the success to Khoosat because of his latest art & classical cinematic film Kamli. Starring Saba Qamar, Sania Saeed , Nimra Bucha, Hamza Khawaja and Omair Rana.

Cast of ‘Kamli’

Not to say that this is all one man’s venture. Several powerful elements, story, screenplay and performances come together to make Kamli that kind of success. Which will make any Pakistani pride and hold their head up high, our cinema needs that kind of revival.

The thing is, Kamli will leave anyone breathless. Visually and thematically captivating film is about love, abandonment and being controlled by your desires.

Based in a rural setting within a village in Northern Punjab, Kamli is the story about Hina (Saba Qamar). A beautiful and young girl whose husband has been missing for 8 years. She is torn between the loyalty. For which she waits for her husband to return and her carnal desires that urge her to move on. Her fear holds her to break this misery which ultimately left her empty, alone and aimless.

A suspense character of Amaltas (Hamza) which was later revealed as an imagination of Hina, whose loneliness basically created imaginary hero which rescues her from her own prison and give the courage to break the boundaries.

When this character was unveiled just an illusion, it left the audience open-mouth.

What happens in the rest of the film is the story of three women, of different ages and social class, with unique problems that trap them in the lives they live, unable to break the social and traditional boundaries.

Everything in the film is so precise and deliberate. In fact, the film is like a riddle. There are clues scattered all over the screen, director of the movie does not explain much to his viewer. Instead, he makes you guess, think, conclude and wonder.

How do the characters end up in each other’s lives, how do they really feel about each other, how will the film end – these are just some of the questions that arise when you start watching Kamli.

Early on in the film, you will find natural partition between Hina (Saba Qamar) and Sakina (Sania Saeed). Both characters are physically in the same place but appear through two adjacent frames.

Baji Sakina (Sania), sister-in-law of Hina wants to keep her down with her misery and wait for her husband forever.

Sakina is a good representation of the cruel society that does not want to let go the traditions even it eats off inner peace. She is selfish, manipulative, ignorant and yet the blind woman which is relatable as brutal chains of traumatized traditions holding closely many women around us.

In one scene, they both are pouring water, placed in background and foreground which perhaps indicates, while their actions are similar but their intentions are not same. These visual separations left you wonder about the true nature of their relationship as you get to the climax of second half of the film.

Her love and care for her bhabhi Hina is claustrophobic that forces her to go to the limits in order to protect the honor of her house.

There is also a lot of silence in the movie. The characters don’t have to spell out their fears, feelings, or motivations, viewers can feel with their expression and performance.

Saba Qamar and Hamza rarely exchange any words but their chemistry is so captivating. You can feel your limbs tense up while watching. Because every scene captures your attention and makes you engage as the movie progress.

Every character of the film is battling with their own inner conflicts. Zeenat (Nimra Bucha) fighting a long-dead marriage. Her grief make her to sink in addiction of alcohol. Her husband Nadir Malik (Omair Rana), craves to fill the trenches she has dug between them.

Nimra Bucha (Baji Zeenat) character throws sarcastic glimpse across the screen. And we immediately laugh because we know what actually she is feeling.

This is not only the brilliance of the director but also of the performer’s magnificent screenplay. Saba Qamar’s new look is delicate, but strong, silent and stubborn. Her portrayal of character as Hina is done with so much honesty and compassion. That audience cheers for her when she fights back, cry unapologetically when her heart broken. While Saba has long been well-thought-out a brilliant performer. Kamli has given her a chance to show what she is truly capable of doing on screen.

Despite aggressive and hypocritical character of Sania Saeed in the film, you do not actually hate her rather you simply feel petty for her.

Hamza Khawaja is such a great discovery. Every time he enters the frame, he makes the audience nervous and excited.

Filmi Review - Kamli is An Art Movie of Pakistani Cinema

There is so much to say about each and every element of Kamli. The memorable background music of Atif Aslam, Zeb Bangash and an unreleased Reshma jee song, the stunning picturization & landscapes, the supporting cast, the screenplay itself; all the breath taking objects come together to take your heart, and they do it so beautifully that you thank them for the experience.

Kamli is worth watching for everyone. We are happy for the whole team especially for Saba, but devastated for Hina.

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An experience of watching an art movie on a big screen of cool and dark cinema hall is beyond to express that deep pierces into the soul.

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