PoliticsFive-day Eid ul Adha holidays in Pakistan

Five-day Eid ul Adha holidays in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: A holiday of five days for Eid ul Adha in the country has been permitted by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

According to a declaration from the Prime Minister’s Office, the premier approved Eid ul Adha holidays from July 8 to 12.

Eid ul Adha holidays from July 8 to 12

The Cabinet Division is predictable to now issue a notification in this regard.

Eid ul Adha to fall on July 10:

On June 29, the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee publicized that the Zil-Hajj moon not sighted in Pakistan, adding that Eid ul Adha in Pakistan detected on July 10 (Sunday).

Chairman Maulana Syed Abdul Khabir Azad had announced the decision subsequent a meeting of the committee, held in Karachi after Maghrib prayers to sight the crescent moon.

Addressing a press conference, Azad said no testimony of the moon sighted received from any part of the country.

The first day of Zil hajj would fall on July 1 (Friday), he had added.

“May God grant the blessings of the upcoming days to the entire Islamic world and this beloved country of mine,” he had said.

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