PoliticsForeign Money launderer beggar women arrested in Saudi Arabia

Foreign Money launderer beggar women arrested in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: A female beggar with foreign citizenship was detained in Saudi Arabia while passing through a security check post while she was in possession of thousands of Saudi riyals.

According to media reports, the beggar can be seen in a video that went viral on social media in Saudi Arabia.

He has a large sum of money in Saudi currency. The Saudi Interior Ministry has announced that security officials have arrested a Djibouti woman violating the border security system who had amassed large sums of money by begging. The woman explained that she had 132,000 riyals, which she had collected by begging.

Legal action has been taken against her and she has been handed over to the concerned authorities.

The Interior Ministry said the case confirms that beggars receive large sums of money from begging. This trend is common, especially during the month of Ramadan, when the number of beggars increases. Some people exploit it to make money in this holy month. He added that these people use various methods and fraudulent means to gain people’s sympathy such as vehicles for the elderly and the disabled. Send children to beg in public places and shops.

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