PoliticsFrom PM Imran Khan's smile to his "No comments"

From PM Imran Khan’s smile to his “No comments”

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he will not resign and will fight to the last, adding that the no-confidence movement of the opposition will fail.

The prime minister insisted that this was a foreign-backed conspiracy. Talking to The News on Thursday, the Prime Minister said that he knew the details of the conspiracy and believed that the conspiracy was hatched by an influential country and was being carried out with the help of local players.

However, he avoided going into details but smiled when asked. The Prime Minister also did not comment on the question asked by the military establishment about the background efforts being made by the military establishment to facilitate dialogue between the government and the opposition to resolve the current political situation.

He said he would not comment but immediately said he would fight to the end and would not resort to any illegal or immoral means.

He lamented that the opposition was involved in immoral activities to oust the Prime Minister. He said there was no confusion that the no-confidence motion was the result of a foreign conspiracy.

He said that those who want to remove him from office want to bring a submissive government in Islamabad which can protect the interests of that foreign country. Imran Khan did not name the foreigner or what message was sent to Pakistan in the suspicious diplomatic correspondence.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said his government had shared the contents of the letter with the Cabinet’s National Security Committee, the Parliamentary Committee on National Security and others, including journalists.

He said that since the contents of the letter regarding the threat were in front of everyone, he expected the members of parliament and the people to thwart the no-confidence motion to deal with this foreign threat.

The Prime Minister said that he could not give money to buy the conscience of the MPs like the opposition and could not use illegal means.

Referring to the Islamic teachings of supporting good and avoiding evil, Prime Minister Khan lamented that the attitude of political leaders was far from Islamic teachings.

Although Prime Minister Imran Khan did not comment on the military establishment’s efforts to persuade the opposition and the government to negotiate a solution to the current political situation, sources said that the parties concerned were not ready to negotiate before the no-confidence movement.

Media reports suggest that the government had offered to withdraw the no-confidence motion so that elections could be held soon, but the opposition did not want to compromise on the no-confidence movement.

Some opposition leaders are giving the impression that Imran Khan was behind the move of the Establishment but the fact is that neither the Prime Minister nor the government was behind the move of the military establishment.

On March 23, The News reported that the Establishment had expressed readiness to facilitate dialogue between the government and the opposition in order to bring about a unified national agenda and economic stability.

An informed source told The News that the Establishment will not support anyone but will remain neutral but at the same time will encourage Prime Minister Imran Khan and the opposition leaders to come together and have a better future for dialogue, strong economy and political. Develop a strategy for sustainability.

The Establishment had reacted to some of the suggestions made in the TV talk show, encouraging the government and the opposition to sit down and talk.

The idea was for both sides to sit down and talk about an agenda for the good of the country and the people. It was said that they could also decide to hold early elections this year.

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