PoliticsGovernment and Media Action Committee agree on legislation to eliminate fake news

Government and Media Action Committee agree on legislation to eliminate fake news

ISLAMABAD: The government and the media action committee have agreed on legislation to eradicate fake news.

According to media reports, a meeting of Media Joint Action Committee was held with Federal Minister for Information Maryam Aurangzeb in which it was decided that legislation would be enacted in PEMRA law in consultation.

This law will prevent national security interests from harming the unity of the people. In this regard, Maryam Aurangzeb said that the death of journalism is the death of politics and democracy.

Four years of doomsday have passed on politics, journalism and people.

But now there will be no compromise on the protection of freedom of expression under the leadership of the Prime Minister.

She said that black laws like Pika Ordinance and PMDA, conspiracy to enslave the people, would be carried out in consultation with the journalist community.

Like the economy, the media was also destroyed financially, journalists lost their lives due to unemployment, salaries were halved, journalists feel the economic ruin, they want to make up for the losses as soon as possible.

The Information Minister said that the former government conspired to bankrupt the country economically, strongly condemned the serious allegations against the journalists in the foreign conspiracy, supported the demand of PFUJ, will take the liars home who speaks truth, catches theft Imran Sahib makes him a traitor.

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