PoliticsHamza Shahbaz did not take oath yet

Hamza Shahbaz did not take oath yet

Rumors of newly elected Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz taking oath in the Governor House died down yesterday when President Arif Alvi tweeted that the Prime Minister’s summary on the Lahore High Court order was under consideration.

According to media reports, the Lahore High Court, while ruling on the petition of Hamza Shahbaz, had directed the President of Pakistan to appoint a representative to administer oath to the newly elected Chief Minister of Punjab.

Senate Chairman or President Dr. Arif Ali will personally visit Lahore for this purpose. After the meeting of Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjarani with Dr. Alvi in ​​the Presidency in Islamabad, the rumor of the President fulfilling this responsibility changed and rumors started circulating on social media that this is a constitutional responsibility Sadiq Sanjarani will reach Lahore soon.

However, the reports died down when the official Twitter handle of the President of Pakistan said, According to the Constitution of the Republic of Pakistan, the Honorable President is under consideration.

The constitutional crisis is still lingering for the PML-N, which is anxious for Hamza Shahbaz to take over the reins of Punjab as chief minister.

Party leaders are expressing concern that Pakistan’s largest province is currently without a chief executive and cabinet.

Atta Tarar, the central deputy secretary general of the PML-N, said in a press conference that the constitutional crisis, which started on April 1, was still going on.

He said that the Lahore High Court had directed that the swearing in should not be delayed but the governor did not abide by the constitution and allegedly admitted himself in the hospital on the instructions of his party leader.

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