EntertainmentHareem Shah’s Harsh Bite On Hubby’s Face

Hareem Shah’s Harsh Bite On Hubby’s Face

Naughty Hareem, conversely, in one of the videos shot at a night club observed all charged up and even did not standby her husband and harshly bit on his face. The poor tried his best do excuse her hot wife’s attack but to no vain.

TikTok queen Hareem Shah who is on a prolonged honeymoon ever since she married Bilal has been now adorning the shopping malls and night clubs of Azerbaijan’s capital Baku.

She was habitually posting videos on her Insta account about her days and nights adventures in Baku.

Hareem Shah freshly visited Baku capital of Azerbaijan with her hubby to spend worth summer holidays. Hareem uploaded a number of videos from the Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport—one of the seven international airports serving Azerbaijan.

In one of the videos, Hareem once again displayed foreign currency including US dollars, Turkish Lira and Azerbaijan manat.

Apparently overlooking the lesson she learnt when she first exhibited enormous chunk of foreign currency when she was in London months ago. Back in Pakistan, FIA is waiting for her return to ask her about that demonstration of cash.

At the Baku Airport, Hareem questioned her husband Bilal.

Whether he thought she was a foolish person as if she could not grip the currency exchange at some international airport.

To which Bilal replied, “I broke a better deal and convinced her (money exchanger) to give a better rate.”

Hareem Shah spent holidays in Baku where she visited cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants along with the exploration tourism of Azerbaijan. She, however, gave no clue where she and her lovely husband were heading next.

Hareem uploaded loads of videos of exaggerating with her husband while visiting the streets of Baku.

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