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How much Sridevi’s mother demands for ‘Mr. India’

How much compensation Sridevi’s mother demands for ‘Mr. India’. Sridevi herself once said that she was such a quiet person that she always hid behind her mother’s pallu. She used to sign any film with her mother’s will.

When Boney Kapoor approached Sridevi with the offer of ‘Mr. India’ (1987), she asked him to talk to her mother to save herself.

Sridevi’s mother demanded compensation of Rs 10 lakh from Boney Kapoor, thinking that he would not be able to fulfill her demand. However, Boney Kapoor wanted to make Sridevi the heroine of his film, so he got the shooting dates by offering Rs 11 lakh instead of Rs 10 lakh.

The movie ‘Mr. India’ made history not only at the box office but also in Hindi cinema. Sridevi’s dance moves on the film’s songs ‘Hawa Hawai’ and ‘Kate Nahi Katte Yeh Din Yeh Raat’ set a fire on the silver screen that no one has been able to forget in Hindi cinema to date.

Her mother Rajeshwari Younger and step-siblings also enjoyed a good life with teenage Sridevi’s film earnings. As a child, Sridevi worked as a child artist with three actors who later became politicians and even held the post of Chief Minister. Sridevi also campaigned for her father.

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