Latest NewsI Don't Need YouTubers' Sympathy: Dua Zehra

I Don’t Need YouTubers’ Sympathy: Dua Zehra

Dua Zehra, who moved from Karachi to Lahore and got married of her choice, has said in her new interview that she does not need the sympathy of YouTubers.

Recently, Dua Zehra and her husband Zaheer Ahmed have once again interviewed host, activist and model Zunaira Maham on YouTube, a video clip of which is going viral on social media.

In the viral video clip, Dua Zehra can be heard saying YouTubers to ‘stop telling all lies’.

Dua Zehra said, “I don’t need your sympathy, I know very well how much you sympathize with me.”

“Respect my husband and stop spreading false rumors about me,” she said.

Addressing her parents, Dua Zehra also said, “Let go of stubbornness, accept me and my husband.”

“I have not been abducted and my parents have known this since day one,” she added.

It may be recalled that on June 8, the Sindh High Court had issued a written order in the Dua Zehra case stating that Dua could go anywhere at her will.

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