EntertainmentI sexually harassed several times - Nadia Jamil

I sexually harassed several times – Nadia Jamil

Actress Nadia Jamil, who overcame an incurable disease like cancer in June last year, has revealed that she has been sexually harassed several times from childhood to adolescence.

Nadia Jamil was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2020 and was treated in the UK.

Nadia Jamil had been undergoing treatment for almost a year, after which she had beaten cancer.

After recovering from cancer, she came to Pakistan and engaged in welfare and child protection work and she seems to be active in child protection.

On July 3, after a series of incidents of child abuse and harassment, she revealed in a short tweet that she too had been sexually harassed from childhood to adolescence.

Nadia Jamil also shared her photos from her childhood till now in her tweet and said that she was first targeted when she was just 4 years old.

The actress added that she was sexually harassed for the second time at the age of 9, the third time at the age of 17 and the fourth time at the age of 18.

Nadia Jamil wrote that it took her many years to recover from the grief of sexual harassment at an early age, she suffered from depression, fear, trauma and severe torment for a long time.

The actress wrote that she was embarrassed by being sexually harassed, she had nothing to do with happiness, she was in a state of pain.

The actress further wrote in her tweet that but now it is not like that, she faced difficult situations in life and came towards healing and relief, now she is moving forward and she has to keep growing.

Although the actress mentioned incidents of herself being sexually harassed, she did not name the perpetrators or provide further details.

Dozens of people commented on the actress’s tweet and expressed sympathy with her, while other girls also shared their experiences there too, on which the actress supported them and called them brave.

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