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I had the idea of an international conspiracy in August, Prime Minister Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he came up with the idea of ​​an international conspiracy in August. The conspiracy is linked to London apartments. Hussain Haqqani and Nawaz Sharif last met on March 3 Have a hard time He said in an interview to ARY that if one reads the history of the developing countries of the subcontinent, it is clear that when they were always controlled from outside, it was very important to have Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq, if Tipu Sultan was defeated by the British. So there was a Mir Sadiq in it, if Siraj Al Dawla was defeated by the British in Bengal then there was a Mir Jafar, he betrayed and enslaved his people for personal gain When elected politician Mohammad Mossadeq came, he was overthrown through regular martial law. In order to enslave any country, he needs people who follow his policy.

I had an idea of ​​conspiracy from August, people used to come and go to London, there were reports from our agencies, I told my cabinet that winter is the hardest time we have. This conspiracy is connected with London apartments, Nawaz Sharif London I was meeting people like Hussain Haqqani. Hussain Haqqani was telling the Americans to join Asif Zardari in the Memogate scandal.

A letter was received on March 7 and it was learned that Hussain Haqqani’s last meeting with Nawaz Sharif took place on March 3, including those who are against the army. The country where there was a strong army was weakened, look at Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, but we have survived because of our army, anti group Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz are against the army, openly the army is bad Well said, but then they fell silent.

He said that I will never speak against my army to make it clear, whatever my issues are, I will never speak against the army in public, Pakistan needs a strong army, we should not do anything that The army suffered casualties. It is the policy of the Sharifs that no one inflicted as much damage on General Zia’s head as Nawaz Sharif did.

We were at the forefront but were left behind due to their looting. Bangladesh also got ahead. They exchanged our morals. I say Amr-ul-Ma’ruf because he has made corruption acceptable. The drama that took place in Sindh House is in front of the whole nation. People are paying Rs. 20, 25 crore to buy it. He said that Musharraf’s era seemed to be a golden age compared to his. In Musharraf era, he got NRO One. From 2008 to 2018, he caused a lot of destruction. I was lying.

Surrey Palace was sold Pakistan had to get money, cases were ready but they got NRA. Now NRA is trying to get rid of NAB Nawaz Sharif disqualified by Supreme Court, he will be reinstated. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that like Musharraf, he never had any worries about leaving his government. If the government wanted to save him, it would have given him NRA. The army was all institutions, still gave NRA, all efforts are for NRA.

The outside forces need such corrupt people to control the country, Khawaja Asif was saying that we are engaged in life saving machine, if America leaves then we will be destroyed. No, my goal is the ideology of Pakistan, their goal is to keep getting loans, keep making money themselves and don’t make them angry.

They do not care what was the reason for making Pakistan? Seeing Allama Iqbal’s thinking, Muslims had voted that Pakistan would be a sovereign country, but these bandits humiliated us, made Pakistanis abroad destitute, also participated in war, destruction in tribal areas also, only for American aid. All this is done, foreign policy is made in the interest of our people, I have no problem with any country, we should be friends with Russia, China, US, UK, we should have policy, we will participate in the struggle for peace. Will not be part of the conflict.

He said that the rights and dignity of Pakistanis will come first in my foreign policy, this is how green Pakistan will be respected. You can ask Overseas Pakistanis whether I have honored them or not? Look at his foreign policy, he was a non-ally in the Soviet Union, but he also talked to Russia and the Americans, because they said we are not in a bloc, their passports are respected, we change our blocs for money. However, Zulfiqar Bhutto was the first man after Quaid-e-Azam to be killed. This was the party of Fazlur Rehman and Nawaz Sharif at that time.

He has a hand in the assassination of Bhutto, only because Bhutto said that we are non-allied and we are calling for an Islamic conference. He also said that if we fought against the Soviet Union, then it was jihad. Now, if the United States is fighting in Afghanistan, then terrorism has taken place. Drone strikes are allowed and condemned in our country.

They did not tell the truth about the drone strikes because their property worth billions of dollars is lying outside, they will tighten their keys whenever they want, just like they are confiscating Russian money. The letter said that if Imran Khan succeeds in the no-confidence motion, the country will face great difficulties, they will isolate Imran Khan, if he loses, they will forgive Pakistan.

Why so How do you know the next government will go with you? You will give performances of the next government somewhere. I had all the reports about the meetings of Maryam Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif, which journalists went to which anchors agencies. What foreign policy does Maryam Nawaz know? He did not even work an hour in his life.

“I will explain the methods of the opposition. Now they will launch a campaign against my character. A whole campaign against my wife who does not leave the house has been launched,” he said. My life is in danger, they have got it all, they know that Imran Khan will not keep quiet, if they think that the government will be overthrown at a cost of 25 billion, then I will watch the spectacle? My life is in danger.

People do not gather from them. People came to our meeting on March 27 on their own. They bring people to spend money. If there were no children of Fazlur Rehman’s madrassa, they would not have people. Three months ago an anchor came to see him and he said you know we have been offered money, he suddenly became Imran Khan villain and everything looks bad, it doesn’t happen like this, he runs after money, Ben There are international organizations, through them they give money to media and anchors, how many people they invite out, ever thought they would come here and give media training, who go out, I was called Taliban Khan, I said war is the solution to the problem. Otherwise I was called Taliban Khan, they join the media for this kind of work.

Clean sweep in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa elections, we won more than half of the seats, these results show? Send the highest tax and record remittances in the history of Pakistan. Inflation is all over the world. Inflation is in America, Europe. Saying there is an incompetent government that saved Corona, she may be incompetent. My life experience is that the match is not lost until the last ball is played, we have to play till the last ball. Invited, Shahbaz Sharif said if this conspiracy, I will come back, so he did not come out of fear.

I want the nation to remember these shapes, taking money from outside and saying now we know the government is very bad. Why would I ask these people for NRA, if I would steal money and keep it in the country then I would have to tell where the money came from, if my money was out then I could not stand on the issue of independent foreign policy, in Pakistan The money is gone, it’s all declared.

Imran Khan said that our people who have fled, if they come, we can not run the government, of course we get a majority, if we succeed in the no-confidence, then it will be good for Pakistan, we go to the polls and milk milk. And water will become water, how will these people run the government together? Fazlur Rehman will be made president, Shahbaz Sharif will be made prime minister and Maryam, Bilawal will also be made something.

I can’t talk to Shahbaz Sharif, such a shameless man who put 16 billion servants in the account, send his son out, but with this fraud I will talk to him, then how can I stand with evil Evil cannot be eradicated if society does not stand still. He said that the Establishment offered three things for you to go into distrust, or resign or get elected. We said that election is the best way for us. I can’t even think of resigning. I am confident that I will fight till the last minute.

I believe that when they vote as part of the conspiracy of the country, their politics will end, they are traitors of the nation, the nation will remember their shapes, the era of Changa Manga is gone, Time is running out, it will be difficult for their children, they don’t know what kind of weapon social media is. It’s time, now look at the instability that has come in a month, our economy and the rupee are being affected, the economy needs stability, I was even more afraid of the civil war in Afghanistan, so I was saying to be an experienced Should.

But the army had its point of view that we have a system, they were right in their place because I was thinking for the country as the chief executive, I never thought of making General Faiz Hameed the army chief. My government and army are on the same page on security issues as never before. The N-League launched a disinformation campaign to de-notify General Bajwa. I will not do such a thing that the army is weak. I know who Nawaz Sharif is sitting outside. I never thought of interfering in the institution. I have good relations with the army.

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