Politics'Imported Government disapproved'-Imran Khan

‘Imported Government disapproved’-Imran Khan

Peshawar: Imran Khan says imported government is unacceptable! Until the election, we will be on the streets, protesting.

According to details, the PTI held its first public jalsa in Peshawar after the fall of Imran Khan government.

Addressing the gathering, former Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “Until the elections, we will be on the streets. We will hold demonstrations. Like Sunday, all Pakistanis have to go out on Saturday. Today, Pakistan is at a turning point. If we allow this conspiracy to succeed, future generations will never forgive.

Imran Khan said that we do not believe in any God except Allah, the word gives us honor, we will not bow before anyone, today it is time that we have to stand on the word.

He said, “Oh America!” We do not need your forgiveness. Who are you to forgive us? We never bow down to anyone. Everyone respects the poor and honorable man. If they have faith in Allah, they never bow before any America or superpower. We have to stand on Allah.

Imran Khan criticized the Prime Minister and said that Shahbaz Sharif says that a beggar can never run his own affairs, Shahbaz Sharif you will be a beggar, not we. You are a slave. You are a corrupt man. A man who is corrupt always does slavery. He polishes other shoes.

Imran Khan also criticized PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif and said that Nawaz Sharif should not be in any misunderstanding and my nation is waiting for you here. They used to say that if Imran Khan goes to the people, eggs will be laid. Now see who is laying eggs.

At the beginning of his address, Imran Khan said that what crime had I committed that the court was called at 12 o’clock? My dear judges and judiciary, I have been imprisoned for an independent judiciary, my life and death is in Pakistan, whoever thinks that we will accept these thieves, this is not the Pakistan of 1970 when they removed Zulqafar Ali Bhutto and hanged him.

We have two great heroes in this game. Ali Mohammad Khan gave a great speech. I am proud of you. The other hero is Qasim Suri. I ask the judges if Qasim Suri was not right? The letter clearly states that the United States will fix relations with Pakistan if Imran Khan is removed.

“On Sunday, the whole nation took to the streets to say that the imported government is unacceptable, we have to decide whether we want slavery or freedom, whether we have come to enslave American slaves or to live in freedom,” he said.

Imran Khan said that all those who have come in government are on bail, Shahbaz Sharif, Hamza Shahbaz are on bail, Nawaz Sharif and his son are on the run, Nawaz Sharif’s daughter is also on bail.

He said that America has imposed big bandits on this nation, this nation will never accept these bandits. I challenge everyone, the way people will take to the streets now, never before.

He further said that this is a Pakistan of conscious nation and social media, no one can shut the mouths of the youth.

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