PoliticsImran Khan Call for Nationwide Protest Against Inflation

Imran Khan Call for Nationwide Protest Against Inflation

Former Prime Minister and Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan called for a nationwide protest on Sunday night at 9 pm against further increase in prices of petroleum products and rising inflation in the country.

Announcing the future course of action in his video message, the former prime minister said that he wanted to give his strategy regarding petroleum products and rising inflation, should we tolerate all this quietly or should we raise our voice against it.

The former prime minister said that the reason for launching a no-confidence movement against our government, our allies and those who had left the party and leaving the party was the rise in prices. The country has been destroyed, the PTI government is incompetent, we cannot go to our constituencies, this government should be ousted, the media including political leaders also talked about inflation.

Chairman PTI said that today I want to present facts before my nation.

When no allegation of corruption was found against our government then excuse of inflation was made.

When our government left, petrol was 150 liters, petrol in 3 and half years the price was increased by Rs.50 only.

Even in our government, global inflation and petrol prices were high. We were also asked by the IMF to remove subsidies on petroleum products.

We have to protect our people from rising inflation and against it, to provide protection, a subsidy of Rs. 200 was given on petrol and diesel because when it is expensive, everything becomes expensive.

Imran Khan said that this government has so far increased the price of petrol by Rs 85, it will increase further, today petrol is Rs 235 per liter, diesel in our time was Rs 145 per liter, Rs 115 per liter has been increased, today diesel is Rs 260 per liter, next month the price of petroleum products will also increase further, this means that all transport will become more expensive, due to lack of water farmers are worried, now the price of diesel will affect the farmers the most.

Imran Khan said that we had cut the price of electricity to Rs 16 per unit whereas today the price of electricity is Rs 29.5 per unit and he himself has said that the price will go up further.

The former Prime Minister said that the price of 20 kg of flour in our government was Rs. 1100 whereas today it is Rs. 1500, ghee was Rs. 400 per kg and today it is Rs.650.

Due to global inflation, the value of the dollar was Rs 178, today it is Rs 208 after an increase of Rs 30, while the effects of these measures are yet to come, it means that inflation will increase further.

He said that according to the Economic Survey of Pakistan, during the last two years of our government, the country’s GDP was increasing.

When our government was removed, our economy, exports, agriculture were developing.

I created 5.5 million more jobs than the government of these two parties, the lowest unemployment in the entire subcontinent was in Pakistan.

He said that the present government conspired to come to power, used the excuse of inflation, the motive was something else, after coming to power he did not understand how to handle the economy, billions of rupees spent in the past.

Their goal was to get NRO 2 to eliminating the theft of billions of rupees committed in the past.

He said that for this purpose the rulers amended the NAB rules.

The FIA ​​had an open and shut case in which they could not escape.

Shahbaz Sharif himself sat on it and then you saw how it happened. Four people related to Cases died.

Imran Khan said that no one in the country had built a dam in 50 years, dams started being built in our government, no one had thought of the water shortage in the country due to which our people are facing difficulties.

The former prime minister said that our government also thought about improving the environment, our plans were appreciated globally, the Billion Tree Tsunami was acknowledged by the British Prime Minister himself that Pakistan was leading the steps taken against climate change.

Chairman PTI said that we saved billions of rupees of Pakistan in Rekodak case, one thousand billion rupees of the nation saved in NHA.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that today I tell my entire nation that if they sit idly against the inflation done by the imported government then the inflation is going to increase further, these rulers do not care about the people.

Yes, their billions of dollars of money laundering are out of the country, inflation will not make any difference to them, it will make a difference to the person whose life and death are in Pakistan.

Calling for protest, Imran Khan said, “I am calling for peaceful protest today. Everybody has to go out for peaceful protest on Sunday at 9 o’clock. I am inviting people from all walks of life.”

If you want to see more of this spectacle, remember that the forthcoming inflation will be much higher than that, I will talk to you all on Sunday at 10 pm via video link.

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