PoliticsImran Khan: India Buy 40% Cheaper Russian Imported Oil Why Can’t We?

Imran Khan: India Buy 40% Cheaper Russian Imported Oil Why Can’t We?

PTI Cheif Imran Khan has said that India is providing its citizens with 40% cheaper Russian imported oil although our government has amplified the prices by Rs84.

Talking a lawyer’s convention in Islamabad High Court (IHC) the PTI chief said that:

If the Indian government can buy 40% cheaper oil from Russia then why can’t we do the same? Lawyers have a essential role to play in the independence of Pakistan.

In detail, the father of the nation was a lawyer, he added.

The former Premier said that:

They forecasting to purchase cheaper oil and wheat from Russia but they ejected by an American scheme. It would have been easier for me to not go to Russia.

But I went there in the interest of my people, he added.

The PTI chief pointed out that this is not the first time America has done an establishment change, in the 1950’s they toppled Mosaddeq’s government in Iran.

He added that American ambassadors met without displeased lawmakers just after the filing of the no-confidence motion against me. MNAs sold and bought for 20 crores each in Sindh House Islamabad, he added.

He anticipated that the inflation rate would cross 30% initiating extreme trouble to the salaried and middle-class people. The obligatory government is focused on ending the cases in contradiction of them rather than providing relief to the people, he added.

The PTI chief added that he had informed the establishment that this elimination would cause grave influences on the economy. He asked finance minister Tarin to brief about the financial situation and to stop the American conspiracy, he added.

He added that they told that Shehbaz Sharif reaches the office at 7 am, but it turned out that all his energies were for advertisements. Imran Khan said that the only solution to the current crisis is a fair and free election.

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