PoliticsImran Khan jail room photos submitted in the Supreme Court

Imran Khan jail room photos submitted in the Supreme Court

The federal government submitted the photos of the PTI founder Imran Khan jail room to the Supreme Court.

It should be remembered that in the previous hearing of the NAB amendment case, the founder of PTI had complained to the court, to which the federal government submitted additional documents to refute the position of the founder of PTI.

The federal government says that the stand of PTI founder in solitary confinement is also wrong.

Additional documents include photographs of the PTI founder meeting lawyers in Adiala Jail.

Founder PTI has held 413 meetings in jail

So far 413 meetings have been held with the founder of PTI in prison, this series of meetings started on September 28, 2023, and is still going on.

Those who met include Imran Khan’s lawyers, his wife Bushra Bibi, his sisters, and cousins.

Apart from this, former Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Khalid Khurshid and current Chief Minister Ali Amin Gandapur also met the founder of PTI in jail.

Former President Arif Alvi, former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Sardar Abdul Qayyum, Shaukat Khanum & Pims Hospital doctors, and many politicians have also met the PTI founder in jail.

The federal government said that the founder PTI took the stand of not giving access to the lawyers in the Supreme Court, if the court deems it appropriate, it can also appoint a commission to check the statement and facts of the founder PTI.

In the pictures given by the government in the court, it can be seen that Imran Khan’s room has the facility of an air conditioner, LED, study table, office chair, and mattress, while he has also been provided with an exercise machine.

Apart from this, the PTI founder has a corridor outside his cell where he is allowed to walk while he has dry fruits, gram, almonds, cold drinks, chocolates, and books.

Options to keep Imran Khan in jail indefinitely

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