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Imran Khan spent Rs 984.3 million to reach PM’s office from Bani Gala, government claims

Information and Broadcasting Minister Maryam Aurangzeb has claimed that former Prime Minister Imran Khan used a helicopter to reach the PM’s office from his residence in Bani Gala and more than Rs 984.3 million was spent in this regard till March 2022.

Immediately after the press conference in Islamabad, Federal Minister for Information Maryam Aurangzeb released the details of the expenditure incurred by Imran Khan on the helicopter, according to which former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s helicopter in the PTI government Rs 98.43 million was spent on the helicopter.

According to the documents, the journey from the Prime Minister’s Office to Bani Gala is 15 km and the cost of one hour of helicopter flight is Rs. 275,000.

It was stated in the details that the use of helicopter cost an average of Rs. 800,000 per day.

According to the statistics, the maintenance cost was Rs. 512 million and the in-flight expenses were Rs. 472 million.

According to the announcement, from August 2018 to March 2022, the helicopter flew 2,723 hours and the cost per hour is 275,000.

Total annual flight hours and costs:

* From August to December 2018: 289 hours, expenses 37.9 million

• 2019: 742.4 hours, cost 131.9 million

• 2020: 729 hours, cost 143.6 million

• 2021: 800.9 hours, cost 123.8 million

* From January to March 2022: 164.5 hours, expenses 35.1 million

Annual budget allocated for maintenance:

* Fiscal Year 2020-2019: Rs. 17 crore 35 lakhs

• Fiscal year 2020-2021: Rs. 20 crore 42 lakhs

* Fiscal Year 2021-2022: Rs. 13 crore 43 lakhs

Reacting to the data released by the government, PTI Information Secretary Farrukh Habib said that the PML-N is very stupid.

He said that the journey from Bani Gala to the Prime Minister’s House is 5 minutes while the helicopter belongs to the government and was not rented.

Farrukh Habib said that the job of PML-N is to do propaganda.

Earlier, in a press conference, Maryam Aurangzeb had accused former Prime Minister Imran Khan of making the PM’s chair a business chair and he had been doing business in it.

She said that the former prime minister has a declaration of Rs 20 million for the business he has done in his entire life, then his assets became Rs 28 million.

Property reached 141 million.

She had said that in the first two months inside the treasury, Imran Khan’s property had increased by 85 million, after which he has kept 58 gifts in four and a half years.

If it is made, then their whole life income should be added and if only the income from the treasury is added, then it has never increased so much.

The Information Minister had said that the important thing is where is the money trail of the gifts they have kept, give the money trail of those who have given Rs. 30 million in the first installment because in the first year you did not have enough money to have Rs 30 million.

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