PoliticsImran Khan states ‘ARMY MORE IMPORTANT THAN ME’


Previous prime serve and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that the armed force is more imperative them me for this nation.

Imran Khan has tended to the Twitter Space for the primary time in which he clarified that his political party has never talked against the equipped strengths but reinforced them. “Army is more important for this country than Imran Khan.”

He inquired his adherents never to conversation against the armed force. He said on the off chance that it was not for the armed force, the nation may have been isolated into three parts.

He said adversaries continuously make an assault the armed force and the previous governments were utilized to assaulting the armed force after their downfall.

Khan’s address on the Twitter Space moreover demonstrated to be a record as claimed by the Twitteratis and coordinators.

He said that he has driven a political battle against the mafia for 26 a long time.

“In Pakistan, two families used to rule here. It is crucial to change the system to bring real change. When I started efforts to bring a systematic change, the corrupt mafia including the sugar mafia has gathered against me.”


“I was aware of their unity and now, these people are imposed on the country who were involved in corruption. A criminal gang has been imposed on this country.”

Faced blackmailing’

Whereas sharing his encounters, Imran Khan conceded that he confronted extorting from the fusion parties amid his residency.

“Our coalition government was run after compromises. I want to appeal with the nation to elect us with a two-third majority in the parliament to form a strong government in the Centre.”

He moreover conceded that party tickets had been granted to the off-base candidates within the decisions. Be that as it may, the same botches will never be rehashed within the future after encountering coercing and party infringement.

“The current scenario is very different as the nation has sensed the foreign conspiracy for the first time in the country that led to a regime change.” The former premier was of the view that the foreign conspirators would never win to launch a successful plot against a regime until they are aided by internal elements like Mir Jafar.

“The most corrupt people have become part of the cabinet. Half of them are on bail. They are now blaming the PTI for increasing the troubles despite our political party leaving the power at a time when the country has the highest rate of exports and remittances.”

Election campaign in rural Sindh

The PTI chairman reported driving a solid decision campaign within the rustic parts of Sindh. He said that the Zardari mafia has made the individuals of Sindh its slaves and administering over them.

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