TechnologyInternet is no longer required to use WhatsApp

Internet is no longer required to use WhatsApp

Good news for users of Metta’s instant messaging application WhatsApp, now there will be no need for the internet to use the messaging application.

According to the reports of WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on its new feature, after which users will be able to share photos, videos and documents with each other without internet.

If you have used Android’s feature called Near By Share, then surely you will like this new feature of WhatsApp, through which you can share files with nearby users even when you are offline.

However, this new feature will require certain conditions. Under this feature, users will be able to share files only with people who are in their contact list.

This feature will work only when the shared request is approved by other users.

All shared files will be protected by encryption so that no third party can access them.

According to reports, all files shared will be end-to-end encrypted, all files shared will be secure due to encryption, no third party will have access to them and no files will be corrupted due to encryption.

Certain permissions will be required to use this new feature, one of which is Find Near by Phones, which will support the offline sharing feature.

Standard system permissions in Android will help scan nearby devices via Bluetooth, but this option can be turned off.

The permissions required for this new WhatsApp feature include access to your system files and photo gallery and your location.

Keep in mind that this feature is currently being tested in beta so it is hard to say when it will be rolled out to everyone.


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