Latest NewsIran helicopter crash, who is responsible?

Iran helicopter crash, who is responsible?

American, British, and Indian media reports and analyses have said that Iran helicopter crash, who is responsible? Fingers started pointing, conspiracy theories came alive, there was a problem in Azerbaijan, there was the presence of Zionists and Mossad in the area, and the investigation would be done.

The location of the incident has encouraged speculation that laser strikes were carried out from space, some claiming, others blaming the incident on a succession battle for Khamenei’s son.

According to the details, after the death of President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash, many theories were raised, and foreign media published many reports on it.

The American newspaper “Newsweek” writes that the death of the Iranian president in a helicopter crash shook the world and widespread speculation began to spread online.

Fingers have also been pointed as to who might be responsible but without any proof or support. Iranian officials have not yet said what caused the crash, though bad weather may have played a role, according to the Associated Press.

Social media is full of theories about Israeli involvement, but there is no credible evidence beyond the current tensions between the two countries. While no official statement has yet been issued, an Israeli official told Reuters that Israel had nothing to do with the accident.

Irani President Ebrahim Raisi died in a helicopter crash


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