Latest NewsIran's attack on Israel: 5 Iranian missiles hit Israeli air base

Iran’s attack on Israel: 5 Iranian missiles hit Israeli air base

Iran’s attack on Israel and 5 Iranian missiles hit the Israeli airbase, which damaged 3 runways and 1 aircraft.

According to the American media, the Israeli air base has been damaged in the Iranian attack, and the Nevatim air base of the F-35 planes has been damaged in the attack of 5 Iranian missiles.

In the attack, 3 runways and 1 C-130 aircraft were damaged at the Israeli Air Base, Nevatum Air Base is Israel’s largest military base.

Israel admitted the damage to the military base and released photos of the damage.

Iranian officials have said that they have targeted the Israeli base from which the Iranian embassy in Damascus was attacked.

The US Central Command has said that the US military destroyed more than 80 drones and 6 ballistic missiles sent to attack Israel, the missiles and drones were sent from Iran and Yemen.

Iran has launched more than 300 drone cruise and ballistic missile attacks on Israel.

Iran has claimed to have hit 50 percent of the targets successfully, while Israel dismissed the Iranian strikes as a failure.

Apart from the US, British and French forces also targeted Iranian drones and missiles.

Jordanian warplanes have also shot down dozens of Iranian drones heading towards Israel from northern and central Jordan, some pieces of Iranian missiles have also been found in the Kurdish region of Iraq.

It should be noted that on April 1, 2024, Israeli warplanes attacked the consular section of the Iranian embassy located on Al-Mazzah highway in Damascus, the capital of Syria, in which 7 military advisers and officials were martyred.

In response, Iran attacked Israel last night.

The representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the United Nations has announced that Iran’s military action based on Article 51 of the United Nations Charter is in response to the aggression of the Zionist regime on the Iranian embassy in Damascus.

ran may retaliate against Israel in 1-2 days: US media

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