Latest NewsJeddah:110,000 riyals recovered from a Beggar

Jeddah:110,000 riyals recovered from a Beggar

Security forces in the Saudi city of Jeddah have arrested a Yemeni beggar in front of a mosque and confiscated 110,000 riyals from his possession.

Saudi Public Security said on Friday through its Twitter account that the money was received as a result of his begging and sympathy for the worshipers.

General Security had earlier announced that the competent security authorities would arrest anyone involved in begging and send them to the competent authorities.

Authorities have called on citizens and residents to submit their charitable donations through regular and official platforms to discourage begging in the country.

It is noteworthy that in Saudi Arabia, begging is forbidden in all its forms and manifestations. Begging, managing beggars, encouraging others to do the same.

Making agreements with them, or helping them in any way is a punishable offense. This offense is punishable by one year imprisonment and a fine of one lakh riyals.

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