EntertainmentKanika refused to coping 'Buhe Bariyan'

Kanika refused to coping ‘Buhe Bariyan’

Indian musicians stole innumerable melodies from Pakistan and they may or may not admit it themselves but the listeners are well aware of where the melodies or lyrics of many super hit songs have come from.

What is the latest show of arrogance? The most popular song of Hadiqa Kayani ‘Buhe Bariyan’ has been stolen by the Indian singer Kanika Kapoor, who says that she did not know that such a song existed.

Kanika, who sang ‘Chetian Kalayan’ for Bollywood, released a song on April 28 under the same name, to which Hadiqa reacted by saying that the lyrics and poetry of the song were used without permission.

The singer shared a screenshot of the Indian singer’s song and promotional campaign on Insta Stories, saying, “Even before this, many Indian singers have copied this song without permission.

There is no problem with Kanika Kapoor stealing the song but prior permission should be sought before using the song as I have all the rights reserved.

The lyrics of the song were written by Hadiqa’s mother.

Many users also gave credit to YouTube and said that this song was first sung by Hadiqa Kayani.

In an interview with the Times of India, Kanika said in response to a question that he did not know that any such song existed and did not try to copy anyone’s work.

According to Kanika, “I can say for every person I know that we have always been huge fans of music from Pakistan, Afghanistan, North India, Punjab.

It is a pity that there is so much hatred on one subject.

We do not even know what is right and what is wrong. We have made the original song which was written by Juneja ji, composed by Shruti and Gurudas Gupta and used the line of an old Punjabi folk song.

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