PoliticsKhawaja Asif demands to exhume Ayub Khan's dead body & hang

Khawaja Asif demands to exhume Ayub Khan’s dead body & hang

In his address to the National Assembly, Khawaja Asif said that Ayub Khan broke the constitution by imposing the first martial law in the country, the beginning should be with Ayub Khan.

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif has said that I support the statement of opposition leader Umar Ayub, that Article 6 of high treason should be imposed on violation of the constitution.

In response to Umar Ayub’s speech, the Defense Minister demanded that the body of former Field Marshal Ayub Khan be exhumed and hanged.

He said that Article 6 should be applied against those who break the constitution, it should start with Ayub Khan, who imposed the first martial law in the country, and end with him, who, when the motion of no confidence was presented against him, was passed by the national government.

Khawaja Asif’s speech was strongly protested by Ayub Khan’s grandson Umar Ayub, while other members of PTI also obstructed the defense minister’s speech.

The Defense Minister said that the opposition is getting chills, they should get chills, they attacked the parliament, they should apologize on May 9.

During Khawaja Asif’s speech, Gohar Khan of the opposition wanted to speak, so the speaker first gave him the mic and then stopped him.

On this occasion, the Defense Minister protested and criticized the Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, and said that when the opposition leader was giving a speech, the Speaker maintained order in the House, but now he is not able to maintain it.

During his speech, Khawaja Asif said that it should be started from the night when the assembly was dissolved to prevent distrust, the constitution was broken by sitting on the speaker’s chair, and then the court restored the assembly.

On the noise of the opposition, the defense minister said that only this much has happened now, and the whole night is still left, Ayub Khan was the first to violate the oath.

He said that even today Pakistan’s steps are being taken just because Ayub Khan overthrew the government, why should I not speak against Ayub Khan?

Khawaja Asif further said that Ayub Khan took an oath on the Quran, on the national flag, and turned away. I respect Gohar Ayub.

Why should I apologize, it should be sought from me, Imran Khan

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