BusinessKhursheed Shah: Construction Work of Dam Projects Stepped Up

Khursheed Shah: Construction Work of Dam Projects Stepped Up

Speaking to media, Federal Minister for Water Resources, said that the work on construction of dams has been stepped up and will be quickly completed.

Federal Minister Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah has said that:

The government will import three million tonnes of wheat to meet domestic need.

The minister said this multifaceted project is very important for the country’s economy and agricultural water needs.

Besides provision of clean drinking water to Peshawar and adjoining areas.

According to him 20 per cent work on Mohmand dam completed while the remaining work completed by 2026.

“Pakistan is an agricultural country and construction of new dams is required to bolster agriculture production and ensure food security,” he said

He said the work on the developments, postponed for last four years, resumed and Mohmand Dam work is predictable to accomplished in year 2023.

“We are working in a very difficult situation,” he said.

“We have proposed increase in cotton and wheat prices,”

Additionally he said. The government is also going to extract sales tax on tractors, he further said.

It is declared here that:

Sindh’s Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah extended Islamabad to appear a conference summoned by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

Chief Minister is expected to meet the prime minister today.

And prepared him about the water shortage and power load shedding in Sindh.

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