EntertainmentLeading Bollywood Celebrities Who Quit Smoking

Leading Bollywood Celebrities Who Quit Smoking

The phrase “smoking is bad for health” may or may not have caught our attention, but many Bollywood stars and celebrities at some point in their lives took it very seriously and quit smoking by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, a list of Bollywood actors who quit smoking because of their determination has come to light.

Harithik Roshan

Well known actor Harithik Roshan used to smoke a lot but then when he found out about its harmful effects he gave up this habit. Replying to a fan on Twitter two years ago, he explained that he is now a non-smoker.

Salman Khan

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who was known to be a Chain smoker, quit smoking when he had some health problems.

Arjun Rampal

The list also includes Arjun Rampal, who has been a smoker since his boarding school days, but according to him, during the rise of the corona virus in 2020, his young son trained him to quit smoking.

Konkana Sen Sharma

Actress Konkana Sen Sharma also used to smoke a lot. She quit smoking after the birth of her son Haroon in 2011.

Saif Ali Khan

Actor Saif Ali Khan gave up the habit at the age of 36 when he reached the hospital due to a heart attack.

Vivek Oberoi

Vivek Oberoi used to be a Chain smoker but once he went to a cancer hospital in Mumbai which got him out of the habit and now he is seen in several anti-smoking commercials.

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