EntertainmentMahira Khan is Good Looking But Not a Good Actress, Laila Zubairi

Mahira Khan is Good Looking But Not a Good Actress, Laila Zubairi

Former popular actress Laila Zubairi has said that she cannot say that Mahira Khan is a good actress, but she looks good.

In a recent interview with Sheikh Qasim, Laila Zubairi spoke openly not only about Mahira Khan but also about Mahwish Hayat and Saba Qamar and her romantic comedy film ‘Thori si Setting, Thora sa pyar’ which was released on June 3.

She said that her film does not compete with Saba Qamar’s film ‘Kmali’ and at the same time she said that she hopes that Saba Qamar’s film will be a successful.

During the interview, she admitted that she is 64 years old but she looks young due to her positive personality and thinking.

In response to a question, she said that the actor never retires and the reason behind her low visibility on the screen is to work in selected projects only.

During the interview, Laila Zubairi praised Saba Qamar and said that not only her acting is very good but also admitted that she is her favorite actress.

The senior actress vaguely said that Mahwish Hayat has undergone plastic surgery, however, she did not disclose this openly.

Laila Zubair said that Mahwish Hayat did not know what to do with her face that she looks strange, before surgery she looked very innocent.

In response to another question, she called Mahira Khan a complete package, however, she did not recognize her as the best actress.

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Laila Zubairi said that she cannot say that Mahira Khan is a good actress, however she is a complete package and looks beautiful and good looking.

The video of Laila Zubairi talking about Mahwish Hayat and Mahira Khan went viral and people show mixed reaction to her words.

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