EntertainmentMany things changed in life after the car accident, Hareem Farooq

Many things changed in life after the car accident, Hareem Farooq

Karachi: Leading actress of Pakistan Showbiz Industry Hareem Farooq has said that her life has changed a lot due to a car accident.

In an interview, Hareem Farooq described the big change in her life. “In 2013, when I was shooting for the first project of my career, I had a very dangerous car accident,” she said. “Unfortunately, my arms were badly injured in the accident, but luckily for me, the surgery was successful,” she said.

What I especially noticed was that we make a lot of plans on our own that we will do this or that but in reality you do not know what will happen next in your life.

She said, “Allah alone is the mastermind and surely He is the best of planners.”

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