PoliticsMardan Family comes to Islamabad to Meet Imran Khan

Mardan Family comes to Islamabad to Meet Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Family started marching towards Islamabad from Mardan Reaches Islamabad to Meet Imran Khan has reached Bani Gala, ARY News detailed on Saturday.

According to details, a family from Mardan has been on the road for 8 days, walking from Mardan to Islamabad to protest against the Imported Government.

Mardan Family Reaches Islamabad to Meet Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has discharged a video on its official Twitter account, which notices the entry of a family on foot from Mardan to Islamabad to meet Imran Khan.

PTI supporter named Zakir Khan can be seen assembly the previous prime serve alongside his three children to appear his cherish, warmth and bolster for the removed PM.

PTI supporter named Zakir Khan can be seen meeting the former prime minister along with his three children to show his love, affection and support for the ousted PM.

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At Bani Gala with Ali Muhammad khan & Mardan Family

It is to be famous that Imran Khan had too met Muhammad Abu Bakar Khan Marwat, a ninth course understudy from Lakki Marwat, who had come from Lakki Marwat solely to go to the Abbottabad rally where he had communicated his crave to meet Imran Khan.

He had gotten to be fixated with not assembly the previous Prime Serve, whose video moreover went viral on social media, after which Imran Khan had welcomed him to Bani Occasion for a meeti

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