PoliticsMinisters Criticize Miftah Ismail Over Further Petrol Price Increase

Ministers Criticize Miftah Ismail Over Further Petrol Price Increase

Islamabad: Ministers of Petroleum and Energy lambasted Finance Minister Miftah Ismail later he suggested a further price Increase in petroleum and electricity prices in the cabinet’s meeting on Tuesday, ARY News reported.

Rendering to sources, the Finance minister came under fire by Riaz Pirzada.

Who criticized Miftah when he recommended a price climb in petroleum and electricity prices.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday, called a meeting of the cabinet.

To argue the post-budget scenario of the country where things went south really rapidly.

‘The people are already too burdened with inflation, we should not hike the prices further,’ Riaz Prizada said to Miftah Ismail.

Several ministers reportedly recommended making modifications in other fields than increasing the petroleum and electricity prices. Miftah terminated the recommendation claiming other sectors are even now suffering.

They cannot adjusted to reimburse for the petroleum and electricity prices.

The Prime Minister backed Miftah by saying that:

He does not want to upsurge the prices but they are obliged to do it. Only I can tell how tough it is for me to increase the prices, the PM added.

Miftah explained that the International Moentary Fund (IMF) would not sanction the $3 billion financial relief if we do not hike petroleum and electricity prices.

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