Latest NewsModerna Testing Possible Monkeypox Vaccines

Moderna Testing Possible Monkeypox Vaccines

Moderna is testing potential vaccines against monkeypox in pre-clinical trials as the disease spreads in the United States and Europe.

The World Health Organization said on Tuesday:

There 131 confirmed cases and 106 further alleged cases since the first reported on May 7 outside the countries where it commonly spreads.

Moderna did not proximately react to a request for more particulars on the monkeypox vaccines.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention government was in the procedure of liberating doses of a smallpox vaccine Jynneos, made by Bavarian Nordic A/S, for use in monkeypox cases.


The risk to the general public is low at this time, a U.S. public health official told journalists at a briefing on Friday.

It is a virus that can cause symptoms including fever, and aches and presents with a distinctive bumpy rash.

It is related to smallpox, but is usually slighter, predominantly the West African straining of the virus that identified in a U.S. case, which has a casualty rate of around 1%.

Most people fully recover in two to four weeks, the official said.

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