BusinessNADRA Has Legal Protection to Provide Data to FBR

NADRA Has Legal Protection to Provide Data to FBR

The government has introduced legislation to empower the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to provide records and information about people with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to expand the tax scope.

According to the Diariespk News, the Finance Bill 2022 introduced a number of measures to broaden the tax base, including empowering the FBR to prevent utility companies from filing tax returns.

They may be asked to disconnect their electricity and gas connections or avoid their sales tax registration.

According to the amendments, NADRA will now share with the FBR the personal information of citizens regarding the expansion of the tax base, such as identification of taxpayers or non-payers, income, receipts, assets, liabilities, expenses or Includes providing details of transactions that have been left out of the assessment or have been assessed at a lower rate or have been miscalculated.

The proposed bill also empowers NADRA to use artificial intelligence, mathematical or statistical models or any other modern device or method of calculation to calculate the income and taxes of any person.

The FBR will notify the person to whom the terms, installments, rebates, penalties and default surcharges and time limits are subject to payment.

This bill authorizes the FBR to order gas and electricity distribution companies to disconnect gas and electricity distribution of those who are not registered for sales tax, including notified Tier 1 retailers that are registered but are not connected to the board’s computerized system.

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